sâmbătă, 19 noiembrie 2011

Pay attention on vintage

Many times vintage equals the idea of treasure, in the sense that incorporated both originality and creativity. This is what i keep in my mind whenever i decide to dig through all the mountains of clothes from the second-hands stores. The only thing that seems to harden to the neck is my allergy. I can't stay too much in the presence of the "old" (and imagine me with a nose rag and one bottle of disinfectant studying and writing in the libraries and 'God forbid' i have actually been so connected with this kind of places, due to my college profile), but i try to self induce a well-being and comfort atmosphere that won't stay too long, so i'm always o hurry when i enter a SH, being aware of the garments that my eyes could miss.
The situation of today, aka my gorgeous embellished sweater, was different. I needed only one second to find it and immediately bought it. No regrets afterwards! Have you experienced sth similar?

Have a nice weekend!
                                                  Sweater: thrifted
                                                  Jacket, Metallic Jeans, Boots: Asos
                                                  Bag: no name

duminică, 23 octombrie 2011

A 'heavy' Sunday

Hi guys! Here is another short post for you written from a woozy me and obviously some photos taken a couple of days ago, lying in bed and trying to keep my eyes open and fighting against my fatigue in order not to waste this weekend only sleeping. A book is quite waiting for me and i must say that the beginning looks auspicious. It is called The Prospector and it was written by a Nobel laureate: J.M.G Le Clezio. In view of all this, surely you have pictured me( but, let's be honest, 'what can i do when my body sicks for rest?') and i hope that you make the best of this Sunday!

sâmbătă, 22 octombrie 2011

Bandage for soul

Hello there! Although i am not quite new in this fashion industry (i am writing about trends and fashion news in general on www.itrendyavenue.com, i have an account on the largest fashion community-LB) i feel like a beginner in the over populated and omnipresent world of blogging. I hope to be part of my dream and to become united, virtually speaking, by this huge phenomenon.
Here is a "photo session" from yesterday and please excuse the quality of the photos, i need to buy asap a new camera. In other words, don't take into account that this blog needs improvements there and there.

Have a nice weekend!
                                                           ZARA dress
                                                           H&M jacket
                                                           ASOS suede boots
                                                           D&G watch